Hello world! Remember me?!

I’m back!

You may remember me from my blogging of Southern California imbibing, or my cameo in the documentary, Hey Bartender!

You might be asking, “what happened to the Spirited Geek blog?” A deeply spiritual journey to find myself took priority. *snicker* Just kidding. I accidentally deleted my database. “What about backups,” you ask? That is a good question. A very good question. So… yeah. I’ll be honest. Not one of my finer moments. Then work was starting to get into crunch time as we were pushing to finish Wasteland 2, so my bar hopping and blogging slowed way down. Way down. Like, stopped.


This time shit gets real, though. I’m now living in New Orleans, and have a whole new environment to explore. Dive bars that are truly divey and still allow smoking. The Tiki cocktail Mecca, Beachbum Berry’s Latitude 29, is just downtown. I’m not even going to insult your lushness by reminding you about Tales of the Cocktail hosted here each year. Some really great craft cocktail bars freckle the landscape. Did I mention drive-thru Daiquiri shops?! Yeah, that’s a thing. You can ask the bartender for a last round to-go and walk on the street with a cocktail in hand. That was a shocker when I first moved here. It’s kind of magical. It’s like society actually lets you be an adult that enjoys life. Crazy more cities aren’t like this one.

Anyway, I have a lot to do to get this puppy back up to speed. We’ll chat more later. Cheers!

-Spirited Geek 🍸

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