Melius Bar & Grill

Dive Level: 🍸🍸🍸🍸🍸 – Your Neighborhood Bar
Norm Factor: 🍸🍸🍸🍸🍸 – Everyone Knows Your Name
Smoking: Yes
Music: Music Choice & Friday Karaoke

Gin & Tonic: Unknown ($2 Friday Happy Hour)
House Wine: Unknown ($3 Wednesday Happy Hour)
Food: Full kitchen serving breakfast, lunch and dinner with daily specials

Unfortunately, our standard pricing gauge is lacking some details. We visited Melius Bar & Grill at 9pm on a Friday night. We had rolled in during their Happy Hour (7-10pm) where well drinks were $2, doubles for $4. We never found out what wine was priced at. Some friends joined us and we covered their drinks as well, and didn’t see a price breakdown of our total bill. However, I can say that with daily specials, like $1.75 Screwdrivers and Bloody Marys on Sundays, this place isn’t going to break your bank. They also have daily dinner specials for about $6-7. Friday was fried shrimp or catfish po’boys or plate. Needless to say, I feel comfortable highlighting how this place is a bargain.

The bartender was very nice and energetic, and the patrons ranged across the board in ages and ethnicities. At first they appeared to stick within their own party, but once the karaoke started the social dynamic changed quickly and it was clear that most everyone there were regulars and knew each other.

A very warm and supportive karaoke crowd, cheering on the bouncy young woman, who was clearly a professional singer, as strongly as the grizzled gray bearded Vietnam vet who was missing all the keys, as well as the timid first-timers who barely whispered into the mic. Dancing even broke out to the livelier songs.

If you can get beyond the smoking, this is a great place to spend an evening. The space is large, with seating at the bar, tables and booths. There are two pool tables and the karaoke area is normally the space for darts. I believe they have a league. Despite looking from the outside as if the place is closed, or out of business, it is a definite hangout for the neighborhood locals. Numerous restaurants are within walking distance, which I have a feeling they service their staffs after hours, as they have posted industry specials starting thirty minutes after the restaurant we ate at closed. I doubt that timing is by accident or coincidence.